Ensemble Decipher Raises Money for the Lift Music Fund

Ensemble Decipher performs on Lift Music Fund’s series “Mini-Concerts for Microgrants”. The concert will feature a mix of music and discussion about Lift Music Fund’s mission. We are setting the modest goal of raising $500 during a live concert for the organization on Sunday, April 11th 2021, 3:00PM EST. We hope to see you there!

About Lift Music Fund:

Lift Music Fund, unlike other scholarship organizations, helps BIPOC student musicians afford the incidental and hidden costs such as necessary equipment, lessons, and other expenses to advance their musical training.

Lift Music Fund also provides informational resources to help students navigate the path toward a career in music and a community of support for young musicians as they work to achieve their goals.

We at Ensemble Decipher believe that supporting access, equity, and justice in the arts are integral to our mission as a performance group. One of the greatest barriers to historically marginalized groups in music technology and concert music more generally is access to quality music education, and the tools to pursue that education. Lift Music Fund is a fantastic organization that seeks to redress this issue. Click below to learn more and support Lift Music Fund!

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